About Crystal

Hello, my name is Crystal. I am a devoted Intuitive Wellness Coach and soulful entrepreneur.  My work is about encouraging others to feel that they are capable, radiant human beings that hold the energy of self-love as their unique medicine for truly finding balance with their body, mind, and soul.

My Awakening

These days my greatest pleasure is learning in each moment and consistently finding balance in all that unfolds. Learning the world of energy has saved my life and it is the core component that has skyrocketed my passion and keeps me committed to a cause far beyond just myself.

My life did not always use to be this way . . . I have lived a lot of life in the 38 years of my existence. What stands out can best be explained through this compelling turning point.

I was in a well-paying career, established industry, and highly respected within my company.

The road to leaving my career was not easy. Truth is, my job was my identity. It was the only thing that kept me sane and feeling like I was worth anything. Without fail, every morning, I would wake up with the avoidance of the aching in my heart, put myself together and be that successful woman- top sales earner and President Club regular.

Meanwhile behind the scenes, which no one really knew the extent of, I was married to an abuser.

I was living in a HELL on earth, enduring the abuse of emotional manipulation, verbal lashings, and the occasional handling by a man I committed the rest of my life to be his wife.

My reality became trapped!

It all came crumbling down one frightening night after 10 years of repetitive pain. What started out as an innocent night out at a concert turned into the most compelling turning point in my journey.

We decided to extend the party in our local downtown area and the excitement quickly turned into hostile rage. The man I committed my life to was screaming, throwing things and casting damage with every step he took.

This was all too familiar behind closed doors but not something that he would take this far in public. I knew at that moment that there was a line that had been crossed and that night would change my life forever.

I was not going to stay with him that night so I chose to drive over to a friend’s house to get away from the abusive chaos that was ensuing.

He showed up at the home of where I was, no one was there, and even though there was not an unlocked door he still managed to find a way in.

I could hear the attempts and then the success of him entering the home. My heart was racing uncontrollably and before I knew it I was living my worst nightmare, he was on top of me, choking me, time stood still as the air from my lungs were no longer flowing . . . in that moment there was absolute silence.

I surrendered to my reality and accepted my fate.

It was truly my time and that I was going to be taken from this earth.

With this surrender, I remember feeling myself back in my thoughts and what felt might be my last gasp of air, I was able to softly utter, “Think about what you are doing.”

In that instant, through a divine intervention the grasp was ungripped from around my neck and I inhaled the air like it was for the first time I was breathing.

I was reborn that night and it completely turned my life upside down.

I was in a world that was completely unknown to me and yet I still remembered everything that had happened before my reality completely shifted overnight. I was no longer numb to my emotions and I could feel every part of who I was and what I experienced which to say was overwhelming is an understatement.

How do I make sense of all this, how do I find my footing, how do I live when life now seemed utterly against me?

That night the universe declared its commitment to my existence and it opened up a whole new urge to live within me!

The choice to live was made for me and I had to learn who I was at my core if I was going to survive, let alone thrive. All my dreams of what my reality was supposed to be came crashing down around me like a city that was falling and I was awakened to my world of damage and trauma. So for a better part of a decade I have devoted myself to learning my medicine for balance from what seemed like a lost hope . . .

And I practice my medicine every day!

I have made a declaration to devote my energy to help and guide other men and women to awaken to their emotions and feelings and expand their consciousness through the medicine of Self-Love.

The world of energy is an underlining truth within ourselves that exist beyond the mind and the world of appearances.

Explore with Crystal how the invisible energies that mold and shape the way we think, the way we feel . . . and the way we manifest. Learn that you can channel these energies for your optimum health and well-being creating a lifestyle in alignment with a fulfillment and compassion for your journey. Study your inner dance with unseen dynamics within and around you . . . and open to a whole new world of possibilities.

There is a calling in this collective shift of the human evolution into expanded consciousness to in fact, live in an aware connection with the body, mind, and soul. It is our own medicine that facilitates healing when we virtually, in this human experience have become quite alienated to the natural order through our lifestyles.

The daily stresses of life can trigger an emergency response commonly known as fight, flight, or freeze in its attempt to adapt to a lifestyle that thirsts for connection and wholeness. While this heightened state is one of our most natural and trusted capabilities we as humans possess, it is now being provoked to dominate all forms of stress for which it was never designed.

Within this calling of expanded consciousness it creates a turbulence and bewilderment of our mind and bodies energetic intelligence and can be skewed outside of our scope of comprehension.

To survive in this confusion it requires compromises, and energetic compromises often have costs.

You are what is creating that discomfort, pain, and suffering in your life.  And while this is piercing to hear you do have the power to change your reality. You are the one that inhabits the mind and body that is being cared for and defining your experience in each moment.

Chronically channeling energy to accommodate the fight, flight or freeze response tends to sabotage your overall health, choices, and well-being. Energy runs in patterns universally as well as individually. And In this modern world of instant gratification, technology, and rushing through life your energy systems must rely on patterns out of vibration with resonance to our wholeness and alignment.

Learning your energy brings a rejuvenated stamina to your existence, a fresh outlook of awareness to your limiting beliefs, and a pouring through of intuitive wisdom that is within you. You can manage your energies more effectively to meet the day to day stresses, reduce or even eliminate anxiety, and free yourself into a knowing of who you are choosing to become.

To cultivate these abilities you can be guided through an initiation of learning a language that is spoken beyond the mind – the language of energy. This will deepen your awakening of just surviving this conscious evolution and move into thriving and living your best life.

Crystal’s medicine is unique, powerful, and deep introspective work that merges you into the world of energy and activates your journey on a soulful level that deepens and strengthens your faith, trust, and belief of your connection to Self-Love.