Single Soul Session

The Single Soul Session is for the individual that feels something is missing in the enjoyment of life that feels stuck, confused, or exhausted with trying to figure out what their next steps are to feel better and attract new and positive opportunities into their life.

These are just a few of the hurdles we face as we awaken to the inner awareness of our journey.

Crystal uses her energy channeling modalities to unblock the negativity and old patterns that are in a state of confusion, frustration and stress.  She works with the present moment energy through uniting the body, mind, and soul as a combined source of realization and awareness.

The session is a brief moment of your journey where you are seen and heard beyond your mind.  Crystal holds a space of stillness to alleviate the perceived pressures and open and clear the channels to your Self-Love.  This will create transparency of where you want to redirect your energy and allow for old energy to clear and release so that the clarity of your next step is revealed.

When you show up as your purest expressive self you naturally expand beyond the conditioning of the mind.

You guide the session with your energy and Crystal guides you beyond your mind.

Imagine what unlimited potential can be unlocked when you shift your energy in the direction of your highest vibration.

You walk away feeling rejuvenated!

You walk away feeling open and aware!

You walk away with a refreshed outlook!

You walk away awakened to your intuitive power and a completely unique practice to apply immediately to keep the movement of energy in the direction that welcomes the change and growth you desire.

Applying the practice is where the magic happens and opens the gateway to deeper transformational awareness.

Crystal’s medicine is unique, powerful, and deep introspective work that merges you into the world of energy and activates your journey on a soulful level that deepens and strengthens your faith, trust, and belief of your connection to Self-Love.