to Create Your Own Image of Self-Love

If you are attracted to the VIP Intensive, it is probably linked to the energy of being shown through divine guidance another world that exists in an expanded realm. You have been activated and your desires are beyond your minds comprehension.

It is quite possible you have experienced what the ancient Chinese proverb calls “Satori” sudden enlightenment in a state of consciousness attained by divine intervention.

Satori will usually manifest in a NDE, an illness or ailment that you experience that turns your world upside down, a loss of a loved one that has you grief stricken, a practical or spiritual turbulence and many other intense life situations.

Once you are awakened to your enlightened path, there is a burning desire that is ignited and your commitment to your spiritual growth becomes your number one priority. You see the collective picture of this human experience and feel empowered to the sensitivity of energy.

You all of the sudden start feeling a thirst for the next level of your climb of conscious liberation and crave the tools to navigate the mind because the mind and body feels limiting compared to the lightness of the absolute.

But we can get pulled into a disguised path of circumventing the ego because our deeper intentions are still expressed through the unconscious patterns of the human insecurities.

We chase that feeling of flow and being open to whatever it is that resonates that will bring us this peace. So you continue diving deeper into the spiritual marketplace because you have not truly learned patience, receiving, and release. You buy all the courses, read all the books, go to seminars, retreats, you may get involved with masterminds and even join groups and influencers . . . seeking out your own experiences.

You find “your people” right, the space where you can communicate and use the language of your new found perspective. Where you don’t feel uncomfortable or crazy for expressing that feeling of Truth. Where you feel like you can be yourself.

Now be radically honest with yourself . . . How long does this feeling last?

Because living through other people’s experiences may linger but eventually fizzles out and it diminishes our faith in ourselves.

You want to feel confident in speaking your Truth no matter where you are and who you are talking to.

You want to feel alive in your body and learn to intuitively nurture your own senses and desires.

You want to feel compassion for your journey and release the struggle of self-doubt surfacing because you are not living up to the potential of others experiences.

You want to know what it feels like to cultivate your own experiences and become the example instead of seeking the examples.

But . . .

Are you still circumventing the ego? Searching for the thing that is going to make you feel significant, wanted, martyred, belonging, desired . . .

Going around ego but not beyond it with awareness.

So you get in touch with your intuition, you open to the world of energy and as you deepen your awakening your more sensitive to the influences around you. Your ego starts popping through even without a warning and you dive into a deeper searching, craving, thirst of your Truth. Having this human experience on your terms, you tell yourself “I’m not attached to the outcome.” But the reality is that you are more intensely sensitive to energy and your ego is determining the outcome without you even knowing it.

But there is hope!

This VIP Intensive session is for the conscious co-creator that feels something just does not feel whole with the auto suggested excessiveness of online courses, books, classes, retreats, and whatever else keeps you in the space of thirsting for that next best thing.

Because this leaves you feeling like you are only scratching the surface of what you deeply desire to discover within yourself.

The difference that encapsulates this transformative moment on your journey is that you design the experience.

The ego only has one thing it will listen to, the simplicity of this human experience, the one thing where it can start practicing comfort in you leading your own journey. Where it can feel the healing of its wounds it has been protecting from you for so many years and even lifetimes. A release that allows its evolution and it learns it is not your identity or your protection . . . it has been and is still your companion to be your purpose and remember your path.

Crystal is a facilitator of cultivating your own experiences of Self-Love through learning your own energy. She uses her channeling modalities to show you the pure expression of the wholeness of your energy.

What you get with other retreats, courses, well known modalities, and any other coach(s) that seems resonating in the moment but fleeting as you are not exposed to the energy any longer is the teaching of another persons’ design of growth. It is another persons’ experience intertwined in the seeking of our own path.

The experience becomes convoluted and does not last because Self-Love is not something that can be designed for you to feel.

You can have every tool in your proverbial tool belt but learning through your own experiences is what brings heightened awareness, acceptance, and allowance of the lessons, mini miracles, synchronicities, and synergy along your journey.

Self-Love is what keeps you balanced through the cycles of healing and morphing into the expanded and evolved human you desire to become.

With this experience you cultivate the desire to rise from the designed illusion of growth and learn to release into your expectations what Self-Love feels like.

You hold a uniqueness that can only be expressed by you and experienced by you.

We so often only think of release to be let it go, let it clear, do not hold on to what no longer serves our highest vibration.

Release is also learning to unhinge the depth of what you already have within you to merge your Truth within your own experiences.

This amplified experience of Self-Love will show you the wholeness of Release and you will feel the full circle of transformative growth!

This life changing experience is a one on one container of six to eight hours of intense energy work. Creating movement and self-discovery that opens you up to cultivate your own experience of Self-Love.

You will learn to clear, surface, and release the bounds of ego that only get tighter the more you circumvent it as you create your unique practices to embody your desires through Self-Love.

So now I challenge you to understand what Self-Love means to you.

Crystal’s medicine is unique, powerful, and deep introspective work that merges you into the world of energy and activates your journey on a soulful level that deepens and strengthens your faith, trust, and belief of your connection to Self-Love.