Three Month Mentorship

When you nourish and create a relationship with your Self-Love it changes everything.

We are meant to be living a life of fulfillment and compassion for our journey but most of us are living to survive and feel unfulfilled, confused, and rushed in life. This creates stress, anxiety, and an overwhelming sensation to find a better way.

Do you want to respond to stressful situations with more grace and centeredness?

We will dig deep into who and how you see yourself at this point of your journey. Check in with the choices you are making for yourself and bring awareness to the energetic momentum you are creating moment to moment.

You will learn to create the loving boundaries that will activate the awareness to receive Self-Love through your experiences.

Do you desire to support your energy to reduce and eliminate unhealthy patterns that affect your physical and emotional well-being?

We will bring awareness to what you are infusing subconsciously into your reality and learn the value of acceptance through showing you the power when you combine focused intention and conscious thought.

We will reveal the myths of experiences and the dysfunctional conditioning  that is creating your perception of the past. You will absorb and apply the tools that will allow you to stay in the present moment and not continue the agonizing cycle of bringing the past into the present. Together we will shift the belief of what you feel you should be experiencing to a new understanding and excitement of knowing you are the co-creator. You will no longer need to use the energy of comparison to create the grounding of your experiences.

Do you wish to boost your energies through learning what is vitally healthy for your momentum to motivate change?

We will also be working with your subtle energy systems/chakras and bringing awareness to what you are holding onto within so that you may heal and release what is no longer serving your growth.

Awakening is energetically defining your connection to Self-Love!

You are guided to feel and familiarize yourself with the unique frequency that you bring to this experience we call LIFE. You are awakened to a whole new way of perceiving your experience by cultivating an awareness of releasing the need to control the outcome and moving beyond the fear of the unknown. You learn to TRUST your intuitive wisdom to keep you on your path of fulfillment and compassion for your journey.

Discover your Self-Love!

It has been proven over and over through facilitating and observing the profound effects of countless clients, that this work is powerful. It will reveal the clarity of alignment and dissolve the confusion of expansion. It is not easy, it is deep, it takes commitment but you will birth the confidence that allows you to harness the energetic endurance to invite change through the release of Self-Love into your experiences.

I am very selective with the clients I choose to work with given the profound shifts that facilitating this inner work creates. It is reserved for the people that are serious about seeing the effects of change and embracing the adjustments that show up in the outer world when choosing to shift your vibration. If you are not open-minded and “stuck in your ways” I am not here to convince anyone that this is for them. We have been given the divine gift of free will and my work honors and respects that we are all on our own journey and it is the individuals choice to know what is best for them.

Even though we will do the occasional affirmation and meditations they are uniquely designed to carry you through this process. You have me as your guide and mentor to truly connect to your Self-Love and Truth. My approach is teaching you how to focus your energy with intention and awareness so you can fill your present moment with the feelings of the momentum that you truly desire. No more unconsciously and subconsciously manifesting what you don’t want. You will be excited and anticipate the inspired actions that you are taking consciously to create your world from within to shine outwardly.

Get ready for a deep and intense journey that will breathe the passion, peace and Self-Love back into your experiences!

Over a three month deep dive we will connect weekly to continue to unpack and unravel your blocks and resistance that are holding you back and preventing you from opening up to that expanded opportunities in your life. You will have prioritized support through the mentorship and intuitive guidance to facilitate some of the more sticky areas of your energy.

I will walk side by side with you through this transformation!

You will walk away with the embodiment of the intuitive sense of how practicing your Self-Love medicine divinely impacts each step in your journey.

Crystals medicine is unique, powerful, and deep introspective work that merges you into the world of energy and activates your journey on a soulful level that deepens and strengthens your faith, trust, and belief of your connection to Self-Love.